Viareggio Carnival is celebrated in the end of February, beginning of March, as the ending of the long winter period. The celebrations lasts almost a month, the final party is placed on the last tuesday, also called “martedi grasso“. Besides the famous elegant carnival of Venice, another very popular Italian carnival is celebrated in a Tuscan harbour town Viareggio. Its main characteristic is given by the parade of floats and masks, caricatures of popular people, politicians, showmen and sportsmen. Viareggio carnival is considered one of the most renowed carnival celebrations in Italy and Europe.  Also smaller Tuscan villages organize their own carnival celebration. Carnival is celebrated with sweet pastries, le frittelle (fried dough with raisins) and cenci  (thin fried dough covered with sugar). In Florence there is served a sponge cake with cream, called “la schiacciata alla fiorentina”. Besides the carnival, there is a calm and local atmosphere even in larger towns, great period to visit Tuscany.