Great local food in good company – Try Sagra Tuscan Village Feast!

All informed travellers know, that the best food is served where the local people come to eat! Many are seeking for the ‘local things‘, far away from other tourists, to get the best products and prices, but also to experiences the genuine and the original, the real thing. Sagra is one of those things. 100% local. Sagra is a Tuscan village feast, that many communities organise, often to collect money for charity, for local football team, hospital or to build a playground. The reasons may vary, but the situation is often the same; the local mothers come to cook, the fathers, sons and the grandfathers are serving. None of them gets paid, it’s all voluntary work. People area seated on long benches, together with their own family, their neighbours and with complete strangers. That is the fun part of it, in addition to dining really well, and for affordable cost. Sagra is often created around a single product, sagra del cinghiale (wild boar), tortelli or ravioli, porcini mushrooms, truffles, pizza, crostini breads, bistecca alla fiorentina or something else. But you can in most cases always order a pizza or a pasta dish, if you don’t like the main ingredient, like frogs or snails, as it sometimes is.

How does it work: You will first stand in line to order, menus are visible nearby the entrance, sometimes menus are shared out, with a ‘cross in the box’ system. You need to write in the menu which dishes and beverages you will order. The payment is done in advance, as there are often hundreds, if not thousands of people, and it simply works better that way. You pay, you eat, and you can leave the table when you are ready. First after you have ordered, you will be seated in a random table by your waiter, often in long benches, so prepare yourself to have company!

After the meal, there is often organised program; live music, theatre, foot ball, dancing (if you are lucky you can witness to some swell moves, if the local people dance alligalli, a dance in group, that looks like a Tuscan variation of the square dance!).

Here few of the annual Sagra Feasts across Tuscany. Sagras are often organised over the weekend Friday – Saturday and Sunday. Always best to Contact us to check the dates and timings. Normally the kitchen is open for dinner from 19.30 until 23.00.

Sagra del tartuffo marzuolo, feast of the early marziolo truffles. Certaldo.March. 

Sagra del cinghiale, wildboar feast, Certaldo, April – May. 

Sagra del fritto: Feast of the fried dishes. Pontassieve. April

Sagra del cinghiale, wildboar sagra: Pelago, Pontassieve. All weekends of May.

Sagra del tartufo, truffle sagra: Cellai, Rignano sull’Arno. All weekends of June.

Sagra del tortello, feast around the filled pasta. Borgo San Lorenzo. All weekends of second half of June. 

Sagra della fragola, strawberry feast, aso other dishes. Sant’Agata, Scarperia. June. 

Festa del pesce, feasting the fresh fish. Caletta di Castiglioncello. First and third week of June.

Sagra della bistecca e del fungo porcino. Feasting bistecca and porcini mushrooms. Impruneta. 18.-20.July

Sagra della zuppa. Tuscan soup is woth a feast! Castiglione della Orcia. 18.-20. July. 

Festa del Tordello. Filled pasta feast. Gallicano, Lucca. 18.-20.July

Sagra della Bistecca, chianina meat feast! Cortona, mid august. 

Sagra della polenta, funghi porcini e cinghiale. Celebrating meat, mushrooms and polenta. Carmignano (PO). 13.-21.September. 


Get in touch with us, to know more about the nearest Sagra Tuscan Villa feasts!