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Florence Dome

Visit the most significant landmark of Florence, the  magnificent cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore, also called Duomo by the florentines.  The construction started 1296 and the church was first ready  in 1436. The tile roof is designed by Philippo Brunelleschi and is still today the largest tile roof in the world. The roof top can be visited, walking up the 463 stairs to enjoy the amazing view over the capital of Tuscany. The sacred museum of the Dome holds some of the most valuable sacred arts in the world by Michelangelo, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Giotto, Della Robbia, Andrea Pisano and many more renaissance artists.  In front of the cathedral there is the ‘Battistero’, a tiny baptistery, that dates back to 12th century, built on top of a pagan temple. The baptistery has doors made of bronze, illustrating the bible stories, designed by Andrea Pisano and Lorenzo Ghiberti (today replaced with copies). Most famous of the doors is called “Gates to Paradise”, as Michelanagleo used to call the stunning art work. Right beside the dome, there is the beautiful bell tower, designed by architect and artist Giotti in 1359.

Museum Tickets:

The Cathedral can be visited free of charge. It is possible to buy a cumulative ticket that allows a visit in all of the sights and museums of the Dome complex; The roof top of Brunelleschi, The Baptistery, the Giotti Bell Tower , the Crypt and the Sacred museum. The ticket price is € 10 until the new grand opening of the sacred museum, the price of tickets will be € 15 after 29th of October 2015.

Tickets can be purchased from the Official Tickets Sales by the Dome or online:

Grande Museo Del Duomo


Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore: 10.00 – 17.00 every day. Free entrance from the right side door from the main facade.

The Roof Top of Brunelleschi: 08.30 – 18.20. Cost: € 10. Entrance from the ‘Porta Della Mandorla’, left side of the main facade. 463 stairs to the roof top, no elevator. (Not suggested for people suffering of fear of hight,  claustrophobia or medical conditions).

Baptistery: 08.15 – 10.15 / 11.15 – 18.30. Cost € 10

The Bell Tower of Giotti: 08.15 – 18.50. Cost € 10

The Crypt of Santa Preparata: 10.00-17.00 Cost: € 10

Sacred Museum of The Dome: Opening 29th October 2015.


Full Price Tickets 10 euros

Reduced Price Tickets 2 euros:
FAI members
Children from 6 to 11 years of age
* Please note: there are random controls regarding reduced price tickets

Children under 6 years of age
1 free ticket for the teacher or group leader of school groups, per 10 students
1 free ticket for the group leader of groups, per 20 people
Police, accessing for specific service reasons
Journalists with membership card of the foreign press in Italy, Italian National Order of Journalists or authorized by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore
Persons with disabilities (for their companions only in case their presence is indispensable)
Florence official tourist guides
Priests, monks, and nuns

Prepurchase allows one entry to each site of The Grand Museum of the Cathedral of Florence. Ticket does not allow two entries to the same monument.

Prepurchase does not allow the reservation of the entrance priority to any monument, but the beginning of validity of the ticket.

Ticket must be used within midnight of the sixth day from the date selected for the visit on the calendar at the moment of the purchase, and it is valid for 24 hours from the passage at the first monument.

IMPORTANT: Any errors on the selection of the date of visit will not be refunded

Ticket contains a barcode readable by the turnstiles at the entrances of the various sites. The use of the tablet is not advised for reading difficulties of the bar code at the entrance.

Customer with ticket must go directly to the entrance queue of each monument, without going through the cashier queue.

Your ticket is personal and non transferable.

PLEASE NOTE: Immediately after submitting an order, you will receive a confirmation email with links to the tickets. Please make sure that your anti-spam filter does not block automatic emails from us. Attention: the confirmation mail could take up to 1 working day to arrive, especially for large groups.

Please Note: tickets have tax value so no additional invoice is issued.

Cancellation Policy:
Tickets CANNOT be cancelled and are NOT refundable.
Weekend a Firenze will only refund the entire cost of your ticket(s) including the service fee if the monument remains closed during the entire period of validity of the ticket(s).

IMPORTANT – Code of Conduct
The monumental complex of Santa Maria del Fiore is above all a place of worship. Visitors are asked to respect some simple rules.

Your pre-purchased ticket DOES NOT guarantee access or stay inside the monument. Prepurchased ticket DOES NOT guarantee access or stay if you choose not to respect the following:
Appropriate clothing is required, no bare arms/shoulders or bare legs – Special attention to this point; access to the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Crypt will be denied without an appropriate attire
Please be quiet
Please turn your mobile phones off
Do not eat nor drink
Pets are not allowed
Works of art must not be touched
No smoking Please don’t use flash or tripod
Entrance not allowed with large suitcases
Wardrobe not present