Historical football Florence – June

Historical football Florence is played every year in June in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence . Calcio Storico, the game has its origins in etruscan and maybe even earlier versions of ‘playing with a ball like object. Some documents state, that the roman soldiers, who founded ‘Fiorenza‘ in 59 A.D, used […]

San Giovanni in Florence 24th June

San Giovanni in Florence 24th of June. Mid summer celebrations ! San Giovanni is the patron of Florence, and is celebrated with historical processions in the morning, ancient football games, ‘Calcio Storico‘ in the afternoon at Piazza Santa Croce and fire works in the evening! Happen to be in Florence, be […]

Sagra Tuscan Village Feast

Great local food in good company – Try Sagra Tuscan Village Feast!

All informed travellers know, that the best food is served where the local people come to eat! Many are seeking for the ‘local things‘, far away from other tourists, to get the best products and prices, but also to […]

Easter in Florence

Easter in Florence is celebrated with Brindellone!
 Easter is an important celebration in Tuscany and is marked with religious traditions all around the region. The most important Easter happening takes place in Florence, in front of the Dome, Santa Maria del Fiore. The tradition has its roots back to the first crusades in 11th […]

Viareggio Carnival

Viareggio Carnival is celebrated in the end of February, beginning of March, as the ending of the long winter period. The celebrations lasts almost a month, the final party is placed on the last tuesday, also called “martedi grasso“. Besides the famous elegant carnival of Venice, another very popular Italian carnival is celebrated in […]

Fried courgette flowers

Everything is good fried, even the slippers. Try fried courgette flowers! Delicious, decorative and very elegant starter in weddings and special occasions. You can fry any vegetable you like. In July it’s courgette season in Tuscany, and that is what we are having! You can also fry the yellow courgette […]

Adventure Park in Pratolino

Adventure park in Pratolino is situated right next to the Unesco protected Demidoff park in Pratolino, the adventure park is a lovely space in the green woods, created for tree climbing and other activities for children of all ages.

Florence Marathon 2015

Florence Marathon last weekend on November. Join the crowd  of nearly 10.000 runners in one of the most beautiful Renaissance towns in the world! November in Tuscany is beautiful, you can enjoy crispy mornings and sunny days. The the fresh new olive oil is newly made. Combine the marathon weekend with a […]

Castello Di Verrazzano

Tuscan vineyards are often situated in massive old castles and magnificent country estates. Today the properties are producers of excellent local wines, but also very important historical estates, with a long and interesting history. Many of the estates are property of noble families and their history is filled with stories […]

Opera Concerts in Tuscany

Musica Maestro! Opera concerts in Tuscany! Opera lirica! Opera is big in northern Italy, where Giuseppe Verdi lived and worked. The Verona Opera Festival is one of the most known opera festivals in Italy. But also in Tuscany, where another great Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini lived. Specially in Lucca, where Puccini […]

Thermal Baths in Tuscany

One of the Tuscan specialities are the thermal baths in Tuscany. The naturally hot mineral water  has a soothing and healing qualities, specially on skin and the muscles. Already the romans enjoyed the relaxing qualities of the thermal baths. Many of the natural therms have been made into Spa structures with inside and outside […]

Great Food in Florence

Great food in Florence, dining with rustic charm!

Looking for great food and rustic charm in Florence? Here’s Olive’s selection of few charming restaurants and trattorias in the Tuscan capital with local atmosphere. Places with a bit of history, that serve genuine Tuscan dishes. Perfect spots for a dinner with family […]

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