Ferragosto In Tuscany

Ferragosto is a public holiday celebrated 15th of August in all Italy . The word ferragosto derives from latin  “feriae augusti”, that simply means august rest, after a long and intens period of harvesting. It also  coincides with the Catholic celebration for the Assumption of Mary. It was introduced as holiday […]

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San Galgano Abbey

San Galgano Abbey and the Legend of The Sword in the Rock

You may have heard of about the sword in the rock, and surely think about the legend of King Arthur, Excalibur and the round table. The sword in the rock actually exists, in Tuscany! There is a beautiful 12th […]

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Arezzo Antique Market

Arezzo Antique Market Every First Weekend of the Month!

Since 1968. Largest antique market in Italy. Over 500 exhibitors selling arts, crafts, furniture, fabrics, collectors items, antiques and vintage and plain old things.  Rustic, classic, vintage, fashion and kitsch  bits and bobs from yesteryear. What you though you could never find again, […]

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Italian Aperitivo

Aperitivo – The Italian Happy Hour!

When you see people mingling outside a local bar, it means it’s aperitivo time! Italian aperitivo is like any other happy hour,  just so much better!  The drinks are cheap and there is so much free food! Some aperitivos are served as a rich […]

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Petrolo Wine Estate

Petrolo wine estate is situated in the province of Arezzo, between the eastern Chianti area and the Arno river, with the magnificent Pratomagno mountains as a backdrop.  A territory of great geographic and climatic variation. And a little less beaten wine path in Tuscany. This particular part of Valdarno Superiore,  the […]

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Montepulciano Underground Wine Cellars

Montepulciano is called ‘the pearl of the Renaissance’. The medieval treasure, home of the Vino Nobile wines and one of the most beautiful hillside towns in Tuscany. Did you know, that Montepulciano is not stunning only outside, but also inside! There is a whole another world under the town!  The […]


Monteriggioni Medieval Festival – July

Monteriggioni Medieval Festival 18 – 19 – 20 – 25 – 26 – 27 July.  Since 1991, annual medieval festival in the enchanting fortress of Monteriggioni, in the province of Siena. 

Every festival day from 16.30 until 22.30:

Medieval musicians on the streets.Childrens workshops.Medieval market. Street artists and  performers. Puppetshows.


Friday, 18th July
16.00-20.00 […]

Mercantia di Certaldo – July

Mercantia di Certaldo – Street art Festival in the tiny medieval village of Certaldo Alto. Theatre groups, dancers and performance artists from Italy, Europe and world gather together for few days of fun, beauty and madness on the streets. Ever year the tiny hillside town Certaldo, where the famous medieval […]

Palio in Siena 2. July and 16. August

Palio is the annual tradition, that states back to 1644. How to explain Palio? A poet Mario Luzi says about Palio ; ” Palio is Palio. No sociological, historical or anthropological theory could ever explain it. It is the sublimation and the damnation, together with the destiny of every single […]

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