Great food in Florence, dining with rustic charm!

Looking for great food and rustic charm in Florence? Here’s Olive’s selection of few charming restaurants and trattorias in the Tuscan capital with local atmosphere. Places with a bit of history, that serve genuine Tuscan dishes. Perfect spots for a dinner with family and friends.

I Latini Restaurant in Florence

1. Ristorante I Latini: One of the historical dining places in Florence, situated in an old wine cellar, ‘fiaschetteria‘, where the wine was bottled. I Latini celebrates their 100 years of Tuscan cooking in 2014! Time has passed, but it is still the Latini family members, who take the orders and serve traditional Tuscan recipes from ‘Sora Maria’. You can order ‘bistecca alla fiorentina‘, cooked meat dishes, Tuscan soups and pasta dishes. The restaurant has 4 dining rooms, all with hams hanging from the ceilings. Via dei Palchetti 6/R, Firenze.


Piazza della Passera Florence

2. Trattoria 4 Leoni: Situated in Piazza della Passera, a lovely square with ‘trippaio’ , a popular gelateria, a winebar and this great restaurant. If you wish to experience an evening in a typical Italian piazza, this is the place. Situated in a building from 12th century, elegantly rustic interiors and a cosy space outside.  Can be always fully booked in summer season, reservation is always necessary. The good reputation of this lovely spot has traveled far already. Find your way to Piazza della Passera or Via De Vellutini 1R. Firenze.


Casa Trattoria Florence

3. Trattoria 13 Gobbi:  Situated a bit off the beaten path, although centrally. From outside modest looking trattoria offers a warm and colourful dining space to enjoy great local dishes. Meat, beans, pasta dishes, colourful chairs and hand painted plates and even a small garden. Not quite as local as ‘where the truck drivers dine’, you can surely spot other tourists dining here, but they have probably searched for local quality places too, so salute them for making a great choice and enjoy your dinner. Via Del Porcellana 9 R.


Florence restaurant Antico Ristoro di Cambi

4. Antico Ristoro di Cambi:  South side of Florence, small corner restaurant. It’s a ll about good meat here, ‘bistecca alla fiorentina‘ and other large meats. Ribollita is good too. Simple and no fuss dining, good local food. Via S. Onofrio 1 R, 50123 Firenze.


Cibreo Florence

5. Cibreo:  Cibreo is a florentine dining concept, that has to be experienced sooner or later. It is a family business, some may say an empire, but there is nothing industrial about this small food village, situated around the Sant Ambrogio district. Cibreo simply presents various sides of Tuscan dining in an authentic, but innovative way. Highly praised both by locals, as well as food critics, the world of Cibreo is about good local ingredients, served in different ways in four different ambients, than have in common the seasonality and locality of the cuisine.

Quoting the owner, Fabio Picchi, who is a known personality sharing his food philosophy in television and magazines, who says;

We take good care of our pickled and under-oil products as well as of the honey from Elba island. We could never use vacuum-packed or deep-frozen foods, we reduce the use of the fridge to a minimum and we are absolutely fond of our pantry, a philosophy that enlightens our steps. We may not have mentioned everything in this few lines, not for forgetfulness but for due discretion, as we are quite jealous of our contacts, which are obviously within everybody’s reach“.

Trattoria Cibreino; Cosy, unformal small diner. No reservations taken, to always have place for those passing by. No pasta dishes, soups, vegetables, cooked meat and fish dishes. Via De Macci 122, r.

Ristorante Cibreo: Cibreo fine dining. Elegant small, formal restaurant. reservation necessary. Seasons dishes prepared by fabio Picchi and other gourmet chefs. Via del Verrocchia 8 r. Open: 13.00-14.30 / 19.00 – 23.15.

Caffè Cibreo: Coffee and pastries, brunches, lunches and un formal dinners. Via del Verrocchio 5 r.  Open: 08.00 – 01.00. Closed on MONDAYS.

Teatro del Sale: This is something special. A ristotheatre, yes, but with a shouting chef, delicious buffet and you need to clean after your self too! A special dining experience and a cultural evening in good company. You have to be a member of the cultural association to dine here. Interested? We can help to fix the member cards in no time.  The theatre can also be reserved for private events. Via De Macci 111 r. Open: Tuesday – Sunday lunch and dinner. CLOSED Sunday Evening and ALL MONDAY:


Antica Trattoria da Tito Florence

6. Antica Trattoria Da Tito since 1913 :  He may be a bit mad, ‘Tito’, but the restaurant  is awfully popular, locally and internationally, and the food is good. Tito  serves meat, in the florentine way, and he is religious about it. You will not get your beef well done here, as he warns on the many ‘offensive’ signs by the entrance. Florentine food, florentine sense of humour. Tito’s owner replies to each and every negative Tripadvisor comment.  Read those and you wish to check out the place immediately! Only bad things said about Tito are from people who like their meat well done, and wanted for a quiet place to dine, remember that and you’ll be fine. Via San Gallo 112 r, Firenze.


Lovely Restaurant with view in Fiesole

7. La Reggia degli Etruschi: You will find this lovely restaurant in several of our dining categories, since it has so many good sides about it! It’s situated in a panoramic position and is a super romantic spot, with view to Fiesole hills and Florence. It has space inside and outside and is suitable for small and intimate celebrations. And it’s a restaurant that has been working for years, where local people love to dine, the best sign for that you will get served good food as well.  It is more elegant than rustic, but situated in a very old part of town, along the narrow road leading to the Francescan convent, steep uphill, but totally worth it!  Via San Francesco, 50014 Fiesole.

Buon Appetito!