Easter in Florence is celebrated with Brindellone!
 Easter is an important celebration in Tuscany and is marked with religious traditions all around the region. The most important Easter happening takes place in Florence, in front of the Dome, Santa Maria del Fiore. The tradition has its roots back to the first crusades in 11th century and is today a popular folkloristic event on Easter Sunday. The ritual is to send a white (artificial) dove, symbol of the peace and the holy spirit, out of the cathedral to light a fire in a ancient cart, that is pulled to the square through the town by a team of white oxen. The cart , locally called brindellone, is filled with fireworks and when lit, it bursts in sparkling fireworks! The local tradition say, that if the dove does not succeed to light the cart, it will be a bad year of harvest. Let’s hope the dove will make it!

Easter Friday: Passion of Christ. Grassina, Florence.

Easter Friday: Procession of Santa Croce : San Gimignano, Siena 

Easter Sunday: Scoppio del Carro: “Bursting of the cart”. Florence Dome square by noon. 

Arts & Cratfts fair: Florence, Fortezza da Basso.