Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico. The divine land of wine and beauty

Chianti Classico is the countryside between Siena and Florence. Driving along the legendary Via Chiantigiana 222, you can experience the unspoiled Tuscan countryside and explore one of the most castle packed areas in Italy.  Slow travel in the small villages, dine in cosy local trattorias and of course visit great Chianti Classico wineries!

Castello Di Verrazzano

Tuscan vineyards are often situated in massive old castles and magnificent country estates. Today the properties are producers of excellent local wines, but also very important historical estates, with a long and interesting history. Many of the estates are property of noble families and their history is filled with stories […]


Cecchini the Butcher from Panzano

When in Chianti, you will come across some of the great personalities, who were born, lived or visited the area. One is Giovanni Da Verrazzano, the famous navigator and explorer. Another one is Leonardo Da Vinci, who according to the locals painted the Monna Lisa in Chianti. The powerfull Ricasoli […]